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  • How long does shipping take?
    Processing and shipping for all order will take 5-8 FULL business days. Please keep in mind, though this is the time frame allotted, your hair could come sooner. Once your ordered has been processed, you will receive an email that your package has been shipped along with your tracking number.
  • Return Policy?
    Due to COVID-19 and sanitation reasons, once an order is received by the customer the products are not returnable. If there is ever an issue with your purchase, please email us at to discuss further.
  • If I ordered bundles and a closure/frontal, what hairstylists do you recommend for wig makes/customizations?
    We have a few hairstylists we work closely with for specific needs. Wig customizations (shipping available through stylist) - Kristen Shanks (@kaydimier) Booking link: -Ceceila Ann (@soofficialbeauty) Booking link:
  • What is HD lace?
    HD lace is the most delegate lace on the market right now, this lace is extremely thin which gives you the natural scalp look. Proper care must be used with this lace or you could experience major balding, shedding, and even ripping.
  • What is Transparent Lace?
    Transparent lace is lighter lace, slightly thicker and more durable than HD lace. This makes it easy to tint to any skin tone desired. This lace is recommended for anyone who is not familiar of or knows the proper care for HD lace when wearing lace wigs, closures, frontals, etc.
  • What does 1B mean?
    1B is simply the natural color of the hair, this color is considered a natural black.
  • Can this hair be colored?
    Yes, the hair can definitely be colored. We recommend having a professional do it.
  • How can I become an ambassador?
    It is easy to become a SLuxeBabe! You can find the information under the “Contact” tab on the website. Once your information is submitted, we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • What products can I use? Can I put serums on this hair?
    Recommend using Sulfate-free products with this hair. We advise very minimal product on the hair so that it does not take over the overall presentation. Using too much product can result in the hair losing its density and easy movement. With every customer order, we provide "LuxeBabe Tips" that we recommend to ensure the longevity of the hair. Please understand that Simply Luxe by J, LLC is not responsible for any damage to the hair due to improper care by the customer.
  • Does the hair shed?
    Just like your natural hair, all manufactured hair sewn to a weft will experience some shedding. Of course, this is minimal shedding, which means you will see a few strands come out when detangling. However, nothing that changes the density and volume of the hair.
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